This communication secrets blog is owned and managed by Dr. Eileen Parker, PhD. Eileen attended Rutgers University and studied English with a concentration in Communications. After graduating with her degree. Dr. Parker traveled the world for 5 years, visiting 132 different countries. Despite our differences in outward appearance and geography, she noticed that people simply want to connect with each other. The inhibiting factor in that is communicating effectively. If you can’t find a way to communicate with others, there is no way to share our intentions and desires. Since coming to that realization, Dr. Parker has made it her mission to improve everyone’s communication skills. This blog is the culmination of her life’s work, teaching people the simple ways they can more effectively communicate their message.

Contact Dr. Parker

To contact Dr. Parker, you may email eparker@comunicacionee.com. Dr. Parker is heavily involved in the local community and several organizations that do charity work on a national level, so please give her 5 business days to respond.